Discovery Framework

De-risk your product build by answering fundamental product and technology questions up front.

A BoatyardX Discovery project helps clients rapidly gain the confidence needed to support a build, pivot or kill decision. The Discovery process plays a vital role in supporting clients move to build with a defined scope, estimate, delivery plan and a clear understanding of the risks.


Every Discovery project is unique, and we tailor our process to meet the client’s needs. Our Discovery process can flex to explore or validate a new product concept, scale an existing product through to migrating an existing or mature product to the cloud and everything in between.  We’ve successfully worked with New York investment bankers through to Irish dairy farmers using the same methodology.


Product development can be viewed through three lenses, customer desirability, technical feasibility and commercial viability.  Our methodology focuses on raising the confidence levels across two of the three lenses, customer desirability and technical feasibility and our clients typically bring the domain and commercial expertise to the table.

Key Benefits
  • Answer fundamental product questions
  • Identify and prioritise high value features for MVP
  • Validate customer desirability through testing
  • Validate that the solution is technically feasible
  • Surface key product or technology risks
  • De-risk product build through gaining clarity on MVP scope, estimates and timeline

Our approach is highly collaborative and our multidisciplinary team which includes product designers and solution architects will work closely with you to reach a shared product vision.  We take a people centred approach and utilise design thinking as well as structured problem solving to give our clients what we call the “aha moment”.

“The value of identifying fundamental product issues and risks early in the design process can have a beneficial impact on the cost and speed of your product build”

Susan McNicholl – Solution Architect
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If you have a new concept or existing product and are considering taking the next steps, we would love to discuss if a BoatyardX Discovery project can help you achieve your product vision. Reach out at

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